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               2017 Litter  

AKC LabradorRetrievers                         SOLD

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 Our Family Story

Our family has been operating a dairy farm 

for the past 35 years.  About 1 year after our marriage we purchased an AKC Boxer pup as a family pet.  After her first litter of puppies we were drawn in.  Our family of 6 children enjoyed many puppies as they grew and we enjoyed providing other families with healthy friendly pets.  Our family is now grown and when our last Boxer died we were without a dog for several years.  When our youngest son was 18 and my brother was selling Labrador pups, we decided to buy one.  Maggie, as we named her, often surprises  me by her intelligence and loyalty . We have bred her with a Standard Poodle in hopes to give you the best of both breeds. Both parents are registered with AKC .  Maggie's puppies are lovable and  lively and would be great family pets.